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Our Experience Means Consistently Outstanding Container Sidewalls

Side Wall Containers

If you have the capability to form your own containers, on line or off line, Interpress has many years experience in providing sidewalls and bottom stock. We have 6 high quality forming machines of our own and are experienced in the nuances and pitfalls of inherent in providing these materials.

Interpress is a top supplier of printed paperboard container sidewalls. Our experienced team knows that consistency is necessary for efficiently producing beautifully printed sidewalls.

Consistency of Substrate

We use a single supplier of paperboard and plastic to ensure unchanging substrate and laminate characteristics.

Consistency of Die Cut

Our inline rotary die-cutting process and Bobst die-cutting capabilities, results in a clean an exact die-cut without dust or variance.

Consistency in the Printing Process

Our print production processes ensure high-resolution color with varnish-free forming margins.

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