"The mission of our prepress department is to lend support to our customers on the front end of the process and interface on their behalf with the production process."

Full-Service Electronic Prepress Department


Our full-service electronic prepress department offers assistance throughout the artwork preparation process. Our expert team is always available to assist you during the design stage to ensure your artworks are properly designed to our standard templates, so your project can be delivered in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Once we received your artwork, we prepare the files and make any necessary adjustments for the actual print condition. We work closely with the designers and marketing team, providing soft proofs and digital proofs to facilitate the approval process.

Plate Making

Plate Making

We make our digital plates in-house, which means no delays or extra service fees to your job. If we need to make any corrections or color adjustments, we can quickly make the changes and put back on press within minutes.

Color ManagementWe have state of the art color management system and we fingerprint our presses regularly to ensure your prints are consistent throughout.

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