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shellSkive and Hem SeamSeal Technology

Our newest innovation, SeamSeal™ technology extends shelf life and offers advanced product protection. This technology utilizes a skive-and-hem application, which has traditionally been used for liquid packaging.

The skive and hem process requires specialized equipment to effectively embed the inner raw edge of the barrier-coated paperboard into the sealed side seam, preventing migration of moisture, grease, or oxygen through the exposed raw edge. These containers extend shelf life and offer a paper-based packaging option for many food products which historically have been confined to plastic, foil, or glass packaging due to high barrier requirements.

Barrier Options:
• Polyethylene: Moderate moisture and grease hold-out
• Polypropylene: Advanced moisture and grease hold-out and microwavability
• Foil Board: Superior oxygen and moisture barrier

• Consumer convenience
• Cost efficient
• Ease of handling for retailers
• High-impact graphics
• Superior shelf presentation
• Sustainable packaging
• Variety of barrier options to keep food fresh

• Cereals
• Chocolates
• Confections
• Frozen foods
• Fruits
• Nuts
• Shelf-stable meals
• Snack products

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