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food containers

Paperboard Cups and Bowls

Our paperboard single-serve cups and bowls offer ideal packaging for a variety of foods from instant soup and side dishes to ice cream. These SBS (solid bleached sulfate) paper containers are formed using pre-printed polyethylene-coated sidewalls and have a tightly curled rim for easy sealing to a coated membrane lid.

Round Container

12oz Round Paper Cup
Cup Height: 3.250" +/- .015"
Rim Diameter: 3.635" +/- .010"
Bottom Diameter: 2.842"
Capacity to Brim: 12.13 oz.

16oz (Pint) Round Paper Cup
Cup Height: 3.882" +/- .015"
Rim Diameter: 3.842" +/- .010"
Bottom Diameter: 2.943"
Capacity to Brim: 16.1 oz.

17.5oz Round Paper Cup/Bowl
Cup Height: 3.438" +/- .015"
Rim Diameter: 4.250" +/- .010"
Bottom Diameter: 3.185"
Capacity to Brim: 17.46 oz.

Plastic Cups with Printed Paper Overwrap

For applications with moderate moisture barrier requirements or for microwavable applications, we offer plastic, 13.7-ounce microwavable cups with a printed paper overwrap. This 13.7-ounce microwavable cup is also available in a high barrier EVOH blend for applications that require additional barrier.

Round Container
Paperboard Cups and Bowls

Plastic Microwavable Cup with Printed Paper Overwrap
This innovative microwavable cup combines the higher moisture barrier properties of plastic with the superior print quality of paper. The flat plastic rim can be heat-sealed to a poly-coated membrane lid. Plastic over-caps are also available.

Cup Height 2.975" +/- .020" Inside Diameter 3.656" +/- .040"
Bottom Diameter 2.99" +/- .010"
Capacity to Brim 13.7 oz.

Custom Cup Sizes with Printed Paper Overwrap

For larger volumes where a custom size cup is desired, our experienced team has the expertise to help with this process. Our Product Development and Engineering team will work along side with you throughout the design process for a custom tailored cup. Contact Interpress today for a quote and time estimate for custom packaging materials to meet your specific needs.

Round Container

Contact Interpress today for a quote and time estimate for custom packaging materials to meet your specific needs.

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